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The Human Brain and The Big Brain Narrow Pelvis Paradaox


Our first ancestors were reminiscent of the initial computer models as far as their skull size and brain volumes were concerned. However, in our day, the human brain’s volume is 50% larger than the primitive ancestors’ and relative to the body weight, it is three times the size of the average animals’ brain. As the human brain evolved, it has enabled the utilization of tools and vehicles to perform most manual tasks and thus, humans have been spending less physical energy with the exception of professional athletes.

This is where those , who recommend the Stone age diet are erroneous.  Whether it’s our primitive ancestors or our dinner guests, the most challenging aspect of proper nutrition is the intake of correct nutrients in correct amounts. Unfortunately, our lifestyle has changed as did our methods of obtaining food.  Our instincts, that made survival possible in the past , have left detrimental effects on our lives.

At present,  there is one reason why the mega fast food companies make  tremendous profits. The human beings love fats and sugar.

The  foods with the highest caloric content that our ancestors had access to, were the meats  with high fat content and mature fruits with high carbohydrate content.  However, these foods were not easy to obtain  and the more they craved these nutrients, the more effort they had to make. These individuals who were genetically programmed to ingest fats and carbohydrates were  stronger, more resilient, fertile and equipped with greater  reserves to be deployed when faced with prolonged periods of famine. In today’s world, a person craving fats or sugars, can, with one simple click of a finger, order any menu via the internet. The fast food giants are delivering us with products that appeal to our instinctive preferences.

In our time, the instinct to favor high calorie nutrients is leading to major problems. However, since our primitive ancestors, an unexpected consequence of this issue has emerged.  Meat contains a significant number of nutrients that play a leading role in the evolution of our brains to its current size.  Even though the brain constitutes only 2% four body weight, it consumes 20% of our total energy. It is an extremely costly organ to operate,   when it comes to its energy expenditure. A  simple comparison of humans to  animals  would be analogous to the former , using super computers , while the latter , hand calculators.

Our brain grows to four times its size from birth to adulthood. Despite the fact that the evolution of the brain size granted the mankind with success in survival, the width of the female pelvis has presented the greatest  barrier along this endeavor.  Head  circumferences exceeding  a certain size are impossible to fit in the birth canal . According to a theory, our upright position has limited the dimensions of the pelvis, the structure of which is crucial to our prone position.  A significantly larger pelvis would not be able to support our spine.  In such a scenario, if the babies were to have a larger head circumference, the female pelvis would have to be so wide that she would not be able to maintain a prone position, thus having to ambulate on all fours. This concept has been characterized as “big brain-narrow pelvis” paradox.

Even though the dimensions of the pelvis have enlarged considerably, women  still have to endure significant pain during child birth. None of the females of other species endure pain as severe as the human kind during labor. Conversely speaking; we are born with brains that are a quarter the size of their mature forms , practically in premature form,  just so that our spines  can support our ability to stand and walk on two feet.

The human brain can be likened to a hungry animal. As it was indicated above, our brain consumes 20% of the oxygen and energy in our blood. The brain uses 20 times the amount of energy per size , when compared with the other organs in our body. It works constantly, every day, without a fuel reservoir.  It is the body’s primary responsibility to supply the brain with constant energy, since it does not have an energy storage system ,despite having to work with no intermissions.

I am contemplating that, only a human can misuse such a precious construct, notwithstanding the emerging evidence that we are all products of a series of cosmic coincidences , the acceptance of the multiple universe theory from Einstein to Hawking and the absolute necessity of the laws of physics for the presence  of life on earth, based on where  science is at in explaining the  journey of human existence.

Our existence is possible through a design with a level of sophistication that defies imagination. ( According to the multiple universe theory, cosmic coincidences may have generated other forms of life in different universes).  However, we, this earth’s masters, granted with the utmost ability of advanced thinking , can be  as  insensitive, callous and uncaring as a beneficiary who squanders away a magnificent inheritance , wasting this amazing  fortune , chasing after meaningless concepts such as money during our short stay, a maximum of 120 years, on our planet.

What is this? Perhaps, only humans are capable of such extravagancy..